Use Private Meteor Packages on Codeship


Note that we did not discuss how to use & develop your local packages. There are several ways, I suggest to use the PACKAGE_DIRS environment variable described by David Weldon on his website.

Configure Codeship to Install Private Github Packages

Append the following command to the Codeship setup commands:

meteor npm run mgp

Now, we need to give Codeship access to these private repositories. There is a Codeship documentation article describing this process in detail but here are the steps that you have to take for Github:

It should be similar for BitBucket and others.

Install MGP

We make use of Dispatches great Meteor Github Packages (mgp) package:

npm install --save mgp

Then, add the following command to your package.json scripts:

"mgp": "mgp"

Create a file named git-packages.json in your project root. Add a config for every (private) Meteor Github package that your project depends on:

  "my:yet-another-private-package": {
    "git": "",
    "branch": "dev"

More information about how to configure your private packages can be found on the projects Github repo.